avery etheridge Nov 28 (2 days ago)

to me, nate007818, Patrice

WE HAVE BOOKED OVER 112 ROOM NIGHTS ALREADY. YEAAAH!!! ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE, I REPEAT ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE SO PLEASE CALL THE ATLANTA MARRIOTT MARQIS AND BOOK YOUR ROOM. 404-521-0000 ask for Etheridge/Etheredge reunion July 6-8th 2018 Family PLEASE if you have any questions about anything CONCERNING THE HOTEL ROOMS OR WHATEVER, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COTACT US at or we will be more than happy to assist you. The Registration packets are ready and will be mailed out the end of this week and next week until all have been mailed out. So So sorry for the delay. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES A BUFFETT BANQUET, T-SHIRT, PICNIC, TICKETS TO THE CENTER FOR CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS.(visit at your leisure)TICKETS GOOD FOR 1 YR.) A DVD OF THE FAMILY BOOK.) Please start sending your family information, pictures,updated errors to Corta the deadline for all info to him is FEBRUARY 28TH. Please if you have changed your address we need to know. Also we will be calling you this week for verification of addresses. We will have a payment plan available for anyone who need it. anyone who live in the Atlanta area please feel free to join any committee as we need more hands. Many Hands Make Light Work. Let''s go FAMILY!!
Waiting to host you guys in Atlanta
Your Chairlady
Avery Etheridge Head